What is Uncensored Survival?

Uncensored Survival is THE premium course content for folks looking to learn about becoming self reliant and how to be able to provide for your family during the coming financial collapse or any crisis event for that matter. From martial law masked as “Shelter In Place” after the Boston marathon Bombing to Hurricane Katrina and the World Trade Attacks, these events come out of no where and the only way to be ready to take care of your family is to be ready in advance. If a crisis hit before you plan – you and your family are as good as dead and the responsibility rests on YOUR shoulders. DON’T wait until it is too late. Choose the responsible path and get prepared today with our easy to follow, affordable, step-by-step system.

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Can I see Uncensored Survival in book stores or in newspapers?

The simple answer is NO. Uncensored Survival is only available through this website and the special offers that we make via this site. Because of my restriction on resources, Uncensored Survival is NOT always available. The offer is taken down from time to time so my team and I can deliver the highest quality support for our members. Every time we have closed it down it gets less and less likely that we will open this offer back up in its’ current form. It is strongly suggested that you take action NOW and take advantage of the powerful information inside Uncensored Survival that you will not find in any other publication.

Is Uncensored Survival a Physical book that gets shipped to my door or a digital course that I have to log into?

Great question! We actually have both options available. Our flagship option is a physical book. We do offer a discount for just the digital version. Since we don’t have to print and ship the digital members area, we pass the savings on to you. If you accidentally get the wrong version please contact my support team at [email protected] and they will be able to help you get into the program you initially wanted.

I don’t have a credit card… Can I send a check, money order, or silver/gold?

YES you can. I understand that not everyone is comfortable providing their sensitive information through the internet. If you are on the fence, please know that we have taken every precatution available to man to ensure your information is safe. We use the same security methods that Paypal, Amazon, Ebay, Bank Of America, and all the other big boys use. However… if you are still not comfortable please send your payment information to…

321 N Central Expwy
Suite 341
McKinney, TX 75070

What is your return policy?

I stand behind every course and every bit of information I publish AND I back it with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.
If for whatever reason you are not 100% satisfied, just let my team know and we will issue you a 100% Money Back Refund. It is really that simple. I am taking all the risk and you get to try Uncensored Survival “Risk FREE” for 60 days and then… if for some reason you decide to return the course, you get to keep the bonuses at no additional charge to you